Success Stories

Wins for Coverage and Services for Kids with Autism

In 2014, we were able to work with our client, Autism Speaks, to get legislation passed which required coverage for autism spectrum disorders. This included provisions for coverage of applied-behavior-analysis and was seen as a big win by the client and was pointed to nationally.

Then, the following year, we were able to work with Autism Speaks again to get new ABLE Act legislation passed. This Achieving a Better Life Experience legislation allowed families to set up tax-exempt 529A savings accounts (similar to college education savings plans) for disability-related expenses, which included expenses related to autism.

Positive things can happen when they receive life-changing treatment. These families are strong willed and they never gave up on the bill, so I wouldn’t either. Today is a special day.
State Sen. Colby Coash
Nebraska Becomes 36th State To Require Autism Coverage via

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