Our Story

30+ Year Reputation As Ethical And Responsive Advocates

Our Story

American Communications Group, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Rich Lombardi and Julie Erickson. Today, more than thirty years later, our team supports the efforts of local, state and national organizations to craft public policy. Our success year in and year out is because we know the power of politics and showing up to tell your story.

Everyday we open ourselves to learning something new. At American Communications Group we are never afraid to take on tough issues and  navigate the political landscape to consistently deliver success for our clients.

  • Founded in 1985 by Rich Lombardi and Julie Erickson.
  • Nebraska Environmental Trust
  • Led Advocacy Efforts to Save Peru State College
  • Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund
  • Federal Health Care Law Grassroots
  • Led Advocacy to Establish the Nebraska Brew Pubs Expansion Act
  • Worked to Establish the Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund earmarking over a $1 billion in Tobacco Settlement Monies for Health Care
  • Local Public Health Department Creation
  • Tobacco Tax Increase to Fund Health Services and Reduce Youth Smoking
  • First Microenterprise Tax Credit in the country
  • Sales Tax Rebate for Renewable Energy
  • Strengthening the Nebraska Clean Indoor Act
  • Stem Cell Research Protection
  • Successfully Opposed Helmet Repeal Legislation
  • Labor Misclassification Law
  • Protect Tax Exempt Status for YMCA's
  • Prenatal Care Funding for Low Income Women
  • Reform of Commission on Industrial Relations
  • Insurance Coverage for Autism Treatment Services for Youth
  • Establish Stroke Protocols for Health Facilities in Nebraska
  • Led Advocacy Efforts to Establish State ABLE Act Tax Deferred Accounts for Children with Disabilities
  • Increase Annual Funding for Low-Income Legal Services
  • Funding for Microenterprise Loans
  • Updating Licensure Statutes for Engineers, Architects, Physical Therapists, Physician Assistants, Speech Therapists, Audiologists, Psychologists, Podiatrists

Other Accomplishments

Mental Health Parity

Cash Balance Retirement Plan for State Employees

Reform of Worker’s Compensation Laws

Nebraska State Employees Collective Bargaining Act

State Funding for Nebraska’s Federally Qualified Health Centers

Worked with Pew Charitable Trust to Protect Social Security

Federal Renewable Energy Law

Chemo Parity Legislation

Led Efforts to Increase Access to Health Services for Low Income Children in SCHIP Program

Mental Health Commitment Act

Constitutional Amendment for Non-Profit Bonding